The OCD Treatment Centre

We are a team of specialists with over 15 years experience working in the field of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Our next intensive group date:

Monday 21st-Friday 25th June 2021

What can we help you with?

I am a person with OCD​

We provide effective, solution focussed therapy programs to help you begin actively taking steps towards regaining control over your life. We have worked with adults and children alike, with very successful results.

I am a carer​

OCD can significantly impact those around the person experiencing symptoms, leading parents, partners, and carers to feel helpless, hopeless, and at a loss about what to do for the best.


We want to take this opportunity to welcome you to our centre and to say that we fully understand what it is like to battle with OCD. After years of suffering from OCD ourselves, we had one mission, to make OCD therapy more accessible and effective for all.After recovering from what can be a very debilitating condition, we decided to dedicate our lives to creating a treatment program that takes away the confusion and fear of experiencing OCD. Although we specialize in intensively delivering our program, we also provide weekly sessions to offer our clients complete flexibility. 


We believe that we are in a unique situation in that we have been there and experienced the condition first hand. This experience allows us to be the best therapists to help you. All of our expert therapists are fully qualified, adhere to a professional, ethical framework and the NICE guidelines.  Our therapists also have specialist training in exposure-response prevention therapy (ERP), the gold standard of treatment for OCD.

Some of the reasons we believe we can help

First hand
experience of OCD symptoms


for OCD



Support sessions
for carers
and loved ones

Group Intensive Treatment Program

Our group intensive treatment option allows access to professional and effective intensive therapy within a small group dynamic. We are passionate that all our programs provide the most effective treatment possible for help with your OCD. For this reason, we keep group attendance numbers small, with multiple therapists conducting each group. The group process is a powerful one.

Clients often describe that they felt immediately less isolated and alone as soon as the program begins. The intensive group option is one of the most effective ways of working at OCD.


We have helped people regain their lives from OCD all over the world

Here at the OCD Treatment Centre, we are incredibly proud to say that we have helped people in over 25 countries worldwide. We consider ourselves very lucky to make a difference to so many people from many walks of life. However, this also shows just how challenging it can be to access genuinely effective therapy for OCD for so many people.

This experience motivates us to continue to raise positive awareness of OCD so that more people become aware of OCD and its symptoms and understand how to access the correct type of therapy.


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