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An Assessment is something that we carry out prior to any form of therapy that we conduct with our clients. Whether it be an intensive program, or weekly sessions, all clients are required to undergo an assessment first. This is different to the free initial consultation.

The assessment is charged at £125.00 and lasts approximately 60 minutes. The purpose of the assessment is for us to gain a greater understanding of how OCD is effecting your life, the sub types that you are experiencing and to provide you with some tools to take away with you until you join us in a therapeutic program.

Yes absolutely. In most cases however, we only recommend that family members attend the first two days of the intensive course, as it is nearly always beneficial to work with clients on a one to one basis to start building their own confidence in relation to their symptoms. On the one to one intensive program, clients can bring another person for free. For all group courses, there is a supplementary charge of £50 per day, with a maximum of one additional person per full paying client attending the course. Again, we recommend that additional family members only attend the first two days of the course.
The one to one intensive program starts at 09.00 and finishes at 13.00 daily. The group intensive program starts at 10.00 and finishes around 15.00. We also ask clients to continue working on their OCD outside of sessions through interactive homework and reading material. For this reason you can expect to be involve in the therapeutic program for around 6 hours in total per day.
Sometimes, it might feel that you are struggling so much that you are past help. We assure you that, regardless of the severity of your symptoms, this is almost never the case. Why? It is habitual nature that obsessive and compulsive symptoms for the condition to become overwhelming, and at times very severe. This does not mean that you are necessarily that far away from recovery.
We have a version of our 5 day intensive program that has been specifically adapted for children, making the program fun, interesting and engaging for people of young ages. We have worked with many children who have been extremely receptive to our treatment program, with our youngest clients being 5 years old.

Yes, as we would like to ensure that you would definitely benefit from our services, as well as recommending the option that we feel would suit your needs the most. An assessment is something that we have to conduct prior to any form of therapy.

If you would like to access online therapy, then you can book an assessment online. However, for all other therapeutic options please get in touch with our team to book your assessment.

We have a wide array of payment options to make paying as easy and as stress free as possible. The different options include BACS transfer, debit and credit card payments online, as well as PayPal and Stripe. For all sessions booked online, we require payment upon booking your therapy session with your allocated therapist.
That’s a great question, and one that is often misunderstood. Although OCD can be extremely debilitating, most of the aspects that make up OCD are not exclusive to the condition. Generally, nearly all people experience intrusive thoughts, feel anxious from time to time and have compulsive elements to their behaviour. However, for those with OCD, these components of a person’s life have gone too far, in turn controlling them. There are simple, concise and effective ways that we can teach you to calm down such responses, reducing your anxiety, unwanted thoughts and compulsive behaviours and therefore breaking the cycle of OCD. To check out some of our client testimonials please click here.
All deposits paid for intensive bookings are non-refundable. Intensive therapy options can be rescheduled providing 21 days notice is given prior to the commencement of the start date. For all intensive bookings that are due to start on, or after Monday 16th March 2020 can be rescheduled 24 hours prior to the start date, if reasons for failing to be able to attend are covid related.
Yes absolutely. All clients that attend the intensive course receive complimentary follow up sessions, however if you feel that at the end of those sessions you would like further support, then we can book you in for more sessions.
Yes, all carers can access their own carer sessions with our therapists, which can be booked by calling us or booked directly online. We also provide premium reading materials, including a refresher program and family, friend and carers program created specifically to advise carers on how best to support clients after attending one of our intensive programs.
To keep the therapeutic quality high, we limit group numbers to 8 people per group, with multiple therapists in attendance to ensure that you receive the correct amount of support during your stay with us.

For others, conducting our therapeutic program in your own home may suit your logistical needs better than travelling to us here in the South West, in which case we can arrange a therapist to travel to you. This may also feel more appropriate if the clients symptoms primarily originate around the home environment, or if there are very specific triggers or compulsions that are in a particular geographical location. These could include daily routines around the home, school or workplace, and/ or avoidance of a particular place due to an unwanted experience or association.

It may also feel particularly important that certain family members are involved in the therapeutic process, especially if you feel that family collusion may be exasperating your current symptoms. This can be discussed during your assessment with one of our team.

For our therapeutic programs to be successful, we need client co-operation. If you attend every day, listen and put effort into your recovery, we are extremely confident that you will begin taking the steps necessary to begin regaining control over your life. We aim to be as transparent as possible with this aspect of the therapy, as we feel that if you pay the course fees, and attend we want you to get the most out of any therapeutic experience that you have with us.

If you do not feel invested in the process of your recovery yet, or feel that you may have been persuaded to attend the course, then we suggest that you wait until the time is right for you. We know that you can take those very first steps to recovery today, but equally you have to be ready to let us be part of your journey. However, it is also important to note that often, there may never feel like a right time. For many, there is certainly that feeling of taking a ‘leap of faith’ before embarking on such a therapeutic process. If this is how you are feeling, we would like to reassure you that this not unusual.

We would like to reassure you that regardless of the therapeutic option that you choose, we are confident that if you have OCD you are likely to benefit from using our services. To ensure that you choose the most appropriate option, we will conduct an assessment to help you decide which would be the best way to move forward. If you feel you would like to read some previous clients stories to help you make a more informed decision, please click here.
Intensive therapy is made up of a condensed number of sessions, conducted over a short period of time. Non intensive therapy is a more standardised form of therapy that is considered more traditional, taking place over a number of weeks, months or even years.
To book non intensive sessions with one of our therapists, please get in touch with our team on 0333 090 1376, fill in our form on the contact us page of the website, or email us directly at Alternatively, you can book an assessment and weekly sessions via our therapy portal by clicking the ‘book a session’ at the top of the home page.
To book a place, or to arrange a holding deposit for one of our intensive courses, please contact the team on 0333 090 1376, fill in our form on the contact page of our website, or email us directly at
Although we recommend not working or studying during your time with us, we of course understand that this isn’t always a possibility. This is not a problem, however, we would like to respectfully ask that you reflect on your ability to balance both the intensive program, including daily homework, and how that may fit in with your work schedule. Many clients balance both successfully, but we ask that you prioritise your work with us this week, if you are to get the most out of the OCD Treatment Centre program.

If you are on medication, this does not affect your ability to attend your course. We recommend that you put in place the necessary steps to ensure that you remember to bring any daily medication with you. If you are thinking of reducing or stopping your medication before attending our course, please contact your necessary health professional.

For clients that are worried that medication may have an impact on their ability to utilise the course to its full potential, we would like to reassure you that we have worked with many people successfully whilst both on and off medication. Occasionally a client may want to begin reducing their medication after attending one of our courses, but we reiterate that this should not be done without seeking the proper medical advice from a trained professional.

It is not uncommon for OCD to manifest as a consequence of a trauma. Many of our clients attend the course and learn to successfully manage and overcome their OCD, and trauma simultaneously. However, if you have concerns, please get in touch with one of our team. Alternatively, we can discuss your specific symptoms of trauma during an assessment.
Yes. All matters discussed during your intensive treatment program will remain between you and your allocated therapist. All notes are kept in digital format with encrypted software specifically created for Psychological practises, to ensure the utmost privacy. For more information on your rights under the General Data Protection Regulation (2018).
Although there are no guarantees when it comes to therapy, we believe that if you actively partake in our intensive programs, you can expect to achieve a sense of empowerment and freedom from OCD during your week with us. As stated above, we cannot emphasise the importance of clients engaging with the program. In our experience when working with OCD, this appears to be one of, if not the most important factor when it comes to successful results. We know the condition inside out, and for many clients who work hard, apply themselves, and continue to actively work at their relapse prevention program go on to live a life free from the constraints of OCD.
Yes. For individual sessions, on Skype and in person, there is no cancellation fee for sessions cancelled with more than 7 days notice given. If less than 7 days notice is given, 50% of the fee is chargeable, and for cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will be charged at 100%.

If you would like to book an assessment, or book your place onto one of our intensive options then please call us on 0333 090 1376, fill in our form on the ‘contact us’ page of our website, or alternatively email us at

If you would like to book your assessment for online sessions only, then you can book online today using our client portal through our website at