Price List at a glance

Before accessing one of our treatment options, we need to conduct as assessment in order to advise you on what option may suit you best. During the assessment, the therapist will be able to provide you clarity around your different sub types, severity and recommended treatment plans. We are confident that you will feel understood your symptoms throughout this process. Please note, if you would like to have Skype sessions, then the quickest way is to simply book your assessment online.
Assessment by phone, online or person:
£125.00 (60 minutes)

Treatment Options

With truly flexible treatment options, we have something that is likely to suit everyone. It is important that when deciding how to move forward, this is an informed decision, in which you have clarity on why it is the best option for you. This will be discussed further during your assessment.

Group Intensive Treatment

The group intensive option is a fantastic way to access affordable, effective intensive treatment for OCD, whilst meeting others with the condition. Please refer to website for available group dates. Alternatively we can also send these dates out upon request.
Group Intensive Treatment Plan with Accommodation:
(without accommodation)

One to one Intensive Treatment Plans

Our most intensive treatment plan, offering an entirely bespoke experience with your very own therapist. Our next available start date for this option can be sent out upon request.
One to one Intensive Treatment at the OCD Treatment Centre:
One to one Intensive Treatment at your home:
From £3495.00 (+expenses)

Individual Sessions

Once you have undertaken your assessment, you are able to book in for regular sessions with your allocated therapist. We can provide these sessions on an entirely flexible basis, that can include weekly, fortnightly or on an ad hoc basis.
Sessions via Skype/ Facetime/ Watsapp/Zoom/Telehealth or in person:
£90.00 (50 minutes)